How to Layer a Christmas Mantel

Hi again friends. I hope you had the best week. I had a busy week and I expect it will remain busy for the rest of the year. But I love what I do and I feel bless. Today I want to share with you how to layer a Christmas mantel to make it look nice and lush. It doesn’t take much and it honestly looks like a million dollars. 

I see a lot of people buy expensive garlands every year but I’ve been using the same old garland for years now and just adding layers to make it not only look different but lush and full.

I start by placing the stockings by using little tacks. Someone once said to me that their husband would kill them if they used tacks on the mantel. Well, I’ve been using the same hole for years and they are so small that you can’t even tell. Also, hubby would never say that to me. 🙂 I then place a simple garland across the mantel. The garland is attached to command hooks at either side of the mantel. 

I also place the candles ahead of time as well. It’s just easier to build the greenery afterwards. 

I used different kinds of greenery. Not necessarily winter green either. All these different colors and textures add so much interest to the garland. 

I layered this first faux Italian ruscus to hang downwards…

And layered the other greens throughout the mantel…

You can see how I placed them so they hang all across…

I also used individual picks…

Including Magnolia picks…

And some random gold pick I found at Michaels… I

I added a velvet ribbon and I think it looks so pretty….

I also added some dried hydrangeas from the yard and I love how they look ! Here are some other stunning mantels from my friends. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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