Fun and Easy Candy Corn Bracelet and Earrings Jewelry Craft Idea

candy corn earringscandy corn earrings

Candy Corn – a classic fall treat! Either you love it or hate it, right? I’ve even heard of combining it with peanuts for a tasty snack. But one thing is for certain: it is SUPER CUTE for CRAFTING! Surprised? It’s inexpensive, brightly colored, and is a universal fall favorite; all of which make it the perfect crafting ingredient. We made some fun bracelets and earrings, and it was surprisingly easy! Let me show you how:

How to Make Candy Corn Jewelry

Candy corn craft idea 3 1Candy corn craft idea 3 1

SUPPLIES (this post contains affiliate links):

Candy Corn

Stretch Magic cord (for the bracelet)

Hoop blanks (for the earrings)

Drill with small drill bit

Clear Mod Podge if sealing the earrings

How to Drill Holes in the Candy Corn

For all of these projects, you’ll need to drill holes in the Candy Corn – be patient as it’s harder than you think! I found that it worked best to set the drill up and then carefully hold the candy corn as you drill a hole through it. Use a small bit, around 1/16” and let the drill dig out the hole instead of trying to push the candy corn onto the drill bit. Use SLOW speeds! Know that some will break – it’s ok! Just eat the broken pieces…win, win, right?!

Candy corn craft idea 4Candy corn craft idea 4

For the earrings, I placed the hole about 1/3 the way down from the point of the candy corn. For the bracelet, I placed the hole in the middle of the candy corn.

How to Make Candy Corn Earrings

After drilling small holes in the Candy Corn that is about the same size/shape, you’re ready to assemble your earrings.

You’ll want to spray those candy corn with a coat of sealer to protect them from getting wet and/or sticky. It goes without saying, but after you spray them, you shouldn’t eat them! Keep them away from little kiddos.

Candy corn craft idea 7Candy corn craft idea 7

Next thread the candy corn onto the open hoop. With the hole being closer to the top of the candy corn, it allows the thicker bottom of the candy to fit nicely.

Candy corn craft idea 6Candy corn craft idea 6

Voila! That’s all there is to it! way fun!! you might want to make a couple of extra candy corn with holes in case you need to swap out for any that may break. We haven’t had one break yet, but you never know.

Candy corn craft idea 26Candy corn craft idea 26

How to Make a Candy Corn Bracelet

Next up, the bracelet!! I wanted to treat this one as you would a candy necklace, where you can eat the candy from it. Because of that, I DID NOT spray the candy with a sealer.

Line up your candies in similar size/shape, alternating up and down, as shown:

Candy corn craft idea 8Candy corn craft idea 8

Using the Stretch Magic cording, thread the candy corn onto the cording.

Candy corn craft idea 10Candy corn craft idea 10

Keep threading them on until you have enough to go all the way around the wrist.

Candy corn craft idea 15Candy corn craft idea 15

Tie the ends of the stretch magic according to the package instructions (tie in a square knot and then tie another knot on top of that, pulling tight each time).

Wear and enjoy!

Candy corn craft idea 16Candy corn craft idea 16

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