Grinch Ear Warmer

Grinchy things are all the rage, so fun!! To add to that fun, how about making a Grinch Ear Warmer? I love how this turned out!!

grinch 1

You’ll definitely want to pin this idea for later!
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Grinch Ear Warmer Pattern

I , of course, thought of posting about this AFTER I made it, so I don’t have step-by-step photos, but here’s the pattern I used:
7 rows red
7 rows white
7 rows red
7 rows white
7 rows red
7 rows white
7 rows red
49 rows green

Knitting Machine for Ear Warmers

I used a knitting machine – I have both a 48 pin and a 40 pin knitting machine – either one will make an ear warmer, but the 48 pin one will be wider. For this project I used my 40 pin knitting machine.

Knitting Machine (optional but amazing)
Power Screwdriver (for knitting machine)
Power Crank Adapter (for knitting machine)

If you’re looking for more instructions on using a Knitting Machine, be sure to check out my post here: Using a Knitting Machine

grinch 6

Ear Warmer Details

I got the display card from Etsy, printed it on my home computer, and glued it a piece of posterboard and cut it out. Here: Messy Bun Display Card

I made my own tag!! I might do a whole post on this later, but I used Leatherette Sheets and my cutting machine. I used heat transfer vinyl to add the heart. Then attached it with a simple Chicago Screw.

grinch 3

Headwrap Ear Warmer Ideas

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