Jewelry Display Flip Boards

We have a jewelry sales business in our home and so we were looking for a great way to display and organize inventory – we made these Jewelry Display Flip Boards and I LOVE how they turned out!!

Flip Boards

They really help me to be able to mix and match pieces and put sets together quickly. Today I have a tutorial on how to make them in case you are in need of pegboard flip boards as well.

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How To Make Jewelry Flip Boards

You’ll need:
–pegboard, cut into the size you’d like your boards to be
–1×2 pine boards for trim
wood glue
dado blade to cut grove
gate hinges

I have a video tutorial below, but here are the quick outline steps:

Cut a groove into the trim boards using a dado blade on a table saw.
Put a generous amount of wood glue into the groove and slide onto the edges of your board.
Tack into place at corners with trim nails.

Attach cleat board to the wall.
Install Gate Hinges.
Slide boards onto the gate hinge peg.

Best to cut trim boards

Trevor’s favorite table saw:
Trevor’s favorite sliding compound miter saw:

Jewelry Flip Board Video Tutorial

This project is probably better described in video, so here you can watch how the boards were put together and attached to the wall:

Flip Board Labels

I simply printed onto clear sticker paper and cut them out and put them on the edges of the flip boards.

Paparazzi jewelry flip boards

Have fun making your own Jewelry Display Flip Boards!

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how to make jewelry flip boards