How to make a Knit Pumpkin

Fall means crafting! I love how yarn can turn into a cute pumpkin for decorating, and I’m excited to show you How to Make a Knit Pumpkin.

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These whip up super quickly! You’re going to have fun making a full pumpkin patch worth of cuteness. This post may contain affiliate links.

Make a Knit Pumpkin

You’ll need:
–yarn in desired color
Knitting Machine (optional but amazing)
Power Screwdriver (for knitting machine)
Power Crank Adapter (for knitting machine)

I used a knitting machine to make the base of this project, but you could also use hand knitting. Either way, you’ll start with a tube of knitted yarn.

Knit Pumpkin Video Tutorial

I thought this project might best be explained via a video, but I do have written instructions below as well. Enjoy this short visual video:

Knit Pumpkin Instructions

–create a knit tube, and cinch both ends together
–put one end inside the other to make the pumpkin double-layered.
–fill the pumpkin with stuffing.
–using a long strand of yarn, wrap the pumpkin into 8 sections, each time pulling taut
–whip stitch the bottom if stuffing is showing.

How to make a Knitting Machine Work Better

I love my knitting machine, but there’s definitely a learning curve and some tips and tools that make it work better.

knit pumpkin fall craft idea 1

–use Thread Magic – it’s a game changer!! it will help your yarn slide better through your machine. I just tape it on near the tension adjuster.
–use the Tension Adjuster that comes with your machine – the yarn needs to be in a couple of those holes for it to work correctly.

knit pumpkin fall craft idea 3

–puddle your yarn – nice and loose in front of your machine.
–don’t try a power crank until you’re used to hand cranking and have a feel for your machine.
–you can get a power crank adapter for your knitting machine – only use it with a power screwdriver!! a power drill is too powerful and will strip out your machine.

PS, the Knit Wit sticker is from my friend Kim over at A Girl and a Glue Gun!

Have fun making the knit pumpkin!! It pairs really well with the Buffalo Plaid Crochet Pumpkin.

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Cute yarn pumpkin in fall decor

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