Worry Dolls For Children: A Creative Way to Take Worries Away

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Don’t keep your worries to yourself… let worry dolls take them away!

Worry dolls are from Guatemala, a country in Central America, and their job is to make your worries go away. Tell your doll your worries, put it under your pillow before you go to sleep and by morning your worries will vanish. You can also carry them around as a good luck charm. Worry dolls are fun and easy to make, so why not create a set, so that you never have to worry again?

Check out the fabulous Momtaz Begum Hossain’s step-by-step tutorial below, and help the little ones create their own set of worry dolls to ease the transition back to school.

You Will Need:

Supplies You Will Need

Step 1: Make the body

Worry dolls for children tutorial step

Fold a pipe cleaner in half.

Worry dolls for children tutorial step

Take the folded end, leave a gap and wind it around to create a circle – this will be the head.

Worry dolls for children tutorial step

Pull up one of the ends of your pipe cleaner and fold it to create one arm, then bring the rest of it back down. Repeat this on the other side so you have a head and two arms, sticking out on either side.

Twist the two ends of your pipe cleaner around and then separate them at the bottom. You’ll now see that your pipe cleaner doll has taken shape with a head, body, arms and legs.

Step 2: Add hair

Worry dolls for children tutorial step

Cut 3-4 pieces of yarn in the same length. Take one piece and tie it onto the top of your head. Tie the others on in the same way to make hair. Keep it long for now; you can style it later. You can use one colour, or make multi-coloured rainbow hair by using different colours.

Step 3: Cover the base

Worry dolls for children tutorial step

Choose the colour of your doll’s skin. Tie this yarn onto the back of the neck and then wind it around upwards so the whole face is covered.

Worry dolls for children tutorial step

Next, bring your yarn down to the first arm, wrap around and take it to the second arm.

Worry dolls for children tutorial step

Criss-cross over the chest area and then keep winding around the lower part of the body and each leg so the whole body is covered. Then wind it back up to the waist. Cut off the yarn and glue the end at the back.

Step 4: Add clothes

Worry dolls for children tutorial step

Start with the top. Just like you did the body, wind your chosen yarn around the arms, criss-cross over the chest and then wind it around the top half of the body down to the waist.

Cut off the yarn and glue the end. Then wind yarn around the bottom half to make either a skirt, trousers or shorts.

Worry dolls for children tutorial step

For a skirt, wind from the waist to just above the feet. For trousers or shorts, wind from the waist to the legs then go around each leg individually. Alternatively, you could use one colour for the top and bottom to make a dress! You can add more colours by winding them around on top, to make your outfits even more fashionable.

Step 5: Finishing touches

Worry dolls for children tutorial step

Finally, decide on your hairdo. You could keep it long, give it a trim or even plait it. Add eyes by gluing on seed beads, or drawing them on with a pen. If you have sequins or gems at home, you can stick these onto the outfits, too.

Try This: Make a Worry Monster

Completed project close up

Once you’ve mastered how to make worry dolls, why not try and make a worry monster, to scare your worries away? Be as creative and colourful as you like. Have a go at shaping your pipe cleaner in different ways; you could also cut them up and add on parts from a second pipe cleaner to create extra eyes, arms and legs.

Once complete, you can encourage the children to share their worries with their worry dolls, so that the dolls can help to take them away!

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