Dollar Tree – Oven Tray Wagons

Dollar Tree – Oven Tray Wagons

This Dollar tree tutorial shows you how to make a wagon using an oven tray and kitchen supplies., perfect for seasonal decorating.

What you need

Hot glue or E6000 glue 

Krylon Spray paint

Brownie Oven Tray


Round Storage tins 



This craft was contributed by Michelle S. Thanks for sharing your DIY Dollar Tree Wagon Hack with us Michelle.

These wagons are great for seasonal decorating, fill them with Pumpkins for fall or wrapped xmas gifts for Christmas time. Adorable as a table centerpiece and so easy to make.

There are lots of different variations fo these craft wagons online at the moment but basically, they are all similar in design.

Make sure you use a good strong glue, you are gluing different materials such as plastic or metal so something durable and versatile like E6000 works really well.

Start by painting your wheels, I have seen these done in black and white as well as gold, it really depends on how you want your DIY wagon to look.

Paint your handle (spatula) and all the extra pieces to dry. Once dry paint your main tray part of the wagon, red would be traditional like the Flyer wagons  but gold looks really good at Christmas time too.

Glue all the pieces of your wagon together and allow to dry before using.