Beautiful Boho Macrame Headband Tutorial

Beautiful Boho Macrame Headband Tutorial

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Looking for a gorgeous way to add style to your look this season? Devon Coverdale is back with another clever macrame tutorial that’ll help you do just that! Check out her step-by-step instructions below, and follow along to create yourself a beautiful boho macrame headband!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Macrame headband tutorial step

Cut the cord into 12 x 4m lengths and secure to your work space with a strong tape.

Step 2:

Macrame headband tutorial step

Take a short piece of cord and lay across the secured cords, then tie in the piece with double half hitch knots to create a straight line across.

Step 3:

Macrame headband tutorial step

Working from the middle, use double half hitch knots to create a v shape; repeat 3 times.

Step 4:

Macrame headband tutorial step

Loop one of the beads through the center cords to fill the gap in the v.

Step 5:

Macrame headband tutorial step

Secure with square knots in formation 1/2/3. Create a diamond pattern with double half hitch knots – complete the top half and use square knots to fill and then complete the bottom with the double half hitch knots.

Step 6:

Macrame headband tutorial step

Roughly measure the piece around your head to see how long you need it to be – create square knots to your preference and then repeat step 6, 5, 4 and 3 to mirror the pattern.

Step 7:

Macrame headband tutorial step

Repeat the steps in mirror to create the second side of the band.

Step 8:

Macrame headband tutorial step

Join the ends together in a square knot.

Step 9:

Macrame headband tutorial step

Continue down the joint know using a half square knot to create the twisted tassel. Secure the end with embroidery thread and attach the beads/accessories of your choosing.

Step 10:

Completed project

Repeat step 9 another 2 times and trim the ends to your preferred length. Now you have a beautiful boho  macrame headband, perfect for adding laid back elegance to your look!

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