Plastic Cup Craft: Create Bright & Beautiful Flowers

Plastic Cup Craft: Create Bright & Beautiful Flowers

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Why buy flowers when you can make your very own out of items you already have around the house – and as an added bonus, you’ll be keeping plastic out of landfills! These decorative flower displays will bring colour and cheer to any room, and you’ll never have to water them. Check out Penelope Quinn’s plastic cup craft idea below, and follow along to create your own gorgeous display.

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Step 1:

Plastic cup craft tutorial step

First, cut off the top lip of your cup, and then cut four – six straight lines to the base of the cup. These will be our petals. Round off the ends so they look realistic.

Step 2:

Plastic cup craft tutorial step

Next, turn your flower over so the base is upside down on the table. Scribble over the plastic with sharpies. Get creative and use different colours to create different effects. Take a paintbrush and dab on some rubbing alcohol – this will melt the colours so they blend together. Wait until dry.

Step 3:

Plastic cup craft tutorial step

You’ll need two cups for a flower, so go ahead and make around 8 of these flowers for a bouquet.

Step 4:

Plastic cup craft tutorial step

Lay down a towel and use your heat gun to gently warp the plastic, so the petals furl. Don’t get too close, and don’t heat the plastic for too long otherwise you’ll get holes. If you don’t have a heat gun, you could also use a hair dryer on the warmest setting. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Step 5:

Plastic cup craft tutorial step

Cut out some leaves from plastic, colour them green, and use the heat gun once again until the leaves furl.

Step 6:

Plastic cup craft tutorial step

Wrap a bamboo skewer in green tape, then stick these to one flower using tape. Then stick the other flower on top of the skewer with some strong glue. Don’t forget to stick on your leaves! Pegs are useful to help attach the pieces until they dry. Stick a button in the middle of the flower to hide the skewer.

Step 7:

Plastic cup craft tutorial step

Display your plastic cup craft flowers in a vase – if you have trouble keeping them upright, fill the jar with sand or rocks so they stay secure.

Finished project variations

Step 8:

Finished project close-up

Give to someone you love, or place around your home to bring instant cheer!

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