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With the summer holidays in full swing, now is the perfect time to create a fun DIY Summer Memories Scrapbook album which children (and parents!) can fill with their summer holiday mementos and photos. Shabneez Khan-Muztar shows us how to make an easy album… using envelopes! Check out her tutorial below to see exactly how it’s done, and try your hand at making your very own.

Time to Make: 1 hour

Skill Level: Intermediate

You Will Need:

How to Make

Step 1:

DIY Summer Memories Scrapbook tutorial step

Take 2 envelopes and add glue to the flap on the one on the right and slip inside the one on the left. Then close like a book.

Step 2:

DIY Summer Memories Scrapbook tutorial step

You now have an envelope on the left from the step above. Glue the flap on another envelope on the right and slip inside the envelope on the left.

Step 3:

DIY Summer Memories Scrapbook tutorial step

Apply glue to another envelope and stick to the back of the middle envelope.

Step 4:

DIY Summer Memories Scrapbook tutorial step

To create the waterfall photo insert, take 6 pieces of blue card and trim to 4 ½” x 4”. Score 5 pieces along the long side at ½”.

Step 5:

DIY Summer Memories Scrapbook tutorial step

Take the unscored piece of card and lay down as a base with the 4” across the top. Apply glue to the top of one of the scored pieces of card and fold down and stick flush to the top of the piece of card on your surface. Burnish with a score tool. Take another piece of card and repeat this process, sticking the next piece of card flush to the edge of the previous one. Repeat for all 5 pieces of card to complete.

Step 6:

DIY Summer Memories Scrapbook tutorial step

To create your front page of the album, take a sheet of patterned paper and cut to 5” x 7” and glue on to your top envelope. Add a die cut strip and letters for the heading to the top, and arrange 3 photos that are 3” x 2” on a blue mat that’s a little bigger, and stick with glue.

Step 7:

DIY Summer Memories Scrapbook tutorial step

Open your album and cut 2 sheets of patterned paper to 5” x 7”. For the left-hand page, punch a semi circle with your circle punch onto your sheet of paper and apply glue only around 3 edges of the paper so that you can insert items into the pocket you have created. Stick 2 photos that are 3” square matted onto white card.
For the right-hand side page, stick your patterned paper down and cut another sheet to 5” x 3″ and punch a semi circle along the long side. Apply glue to the bottom and 2 sides only, so you create another pocket.

Step 8:

DIY Summer Memories Scrapbook tutorial step

Fully open the next 3 pages of your album and mat and layer them all, adding a pocket to the one on the right. Stick on your photos and add your waterfall to the middle page, ready to add your photos.

Step 9:

DIY Summer Memories Scrapbook tutorial step

Fold the third page across and adhere another sheet of the patterned paper 5 x 7” to the right-hand side. Make a photo frame by cutting a sheet of paper to 5” x 4” and cut out a 3” square ½” from the top. Stick your photo to your frame.

Step 10:

DIY Summer Memories Scrapbook tutorial step

Close your album and stick your final sheet of 5” x 7” paper to the back covering any loose flaps.

Finished project close up

Now all that’s left to do is collect up all your tickets, photos and other mementos of a summer well-spent, and tuck them inside your handmade summer memories scrapbook for posterity!

Finished project cover

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