Dollar Tree – DIY Hot Glue Gun Work Station

Dollar Tree – DIY Hot Glue Gun Work Station

This Craft tutorial shows you how to make your own Glue Gun workstation using simple items from the Dollar Tree Store.

What you need


This craft idea was contributed by  Marica T. B. and is such a great use of Dollar Tree supplies. Thanks for Sharing Marcia we love your hot glue gun workstation idea.

To make a workstation or glue gun holder like this you can use items from the Dollar Tree store or similar items from discount suppliers in your country or state.

Start by gluing the crate into place, this will be the holder or storage for the glue sticks. Next using the E6000 glue, glue the metal cutter into position. The reason we don’t use hot glue for this is the heat from the gun may soften the glue and it will fall apart whilst you are using it. I especially love using E6000 as it is such a versatile craft glue and a great addition to your crafting supplies.

I found this holder works best with the mini hot glue guns, If you need space for a longer handle then consider raising the metal section up by adding some wooden coasters or wood craft blocks to raise the metal plate.