Paper Pinwheel Perfection: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Paper Pinwheel Perfection: Your Step-by-Step Guide

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Pinwheels are so reminiscent of our childhoods and are a brilliant project to get your own children involved with making. They may look complicated, but they actually start as just a square piece of card or paper! This on-trend watermelon design is fresh and bright, and  great fun to colour too, making it an ideal introduction to the crafting world. Check out Sarah Jackman-Read’s tutorial below, and learn how to create your own paper pinwheel to add colour to your garden this summer.

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Paper pinwheel tutorial step

Trim white card to 12cm square, then use the template provided to cut slits from the corners, and punch holes in the correct places.

Step 2:

Paper pinwheel tutorial step

Colour one side with a bright green marker pen. Add lines with a darker green pen, starting by a slit in the centre then carrying on down to the hole in the corner. Repeat all the way around.

Step 3:

Paper pinwheel tutorial step

Turn the card over, then colour with a bright pink marker pen. Add ‘pips’ with a black marker pen, adding them downwards from a corner without a hole towards the centre. Repeat all the way around.

Step 4:

Paper pinwheel tutorial step

With the pink side facing upwards, bring a corner with a hole down on top of the central hole. Bring the other three corners down then push a brad through all the holes to secure.

Step 5:

Paper pinwheel tutorial step

Flatten the end of a paper straw then punch a hole through it.

Step 6:

Paper pinwheel tutorial step

Push the brad in the pinwheel through the straw then flatten the brad ends, keeping it loose so the pinwheel can move freely.

Completed paper pinwheel

Now your colourful watermelon paper pinwheel is complete, it’s time to head outside and bring it to life in the breeze!

Finished project in use

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