French Knitting For Beginners: Unlimited Creativity!

French knitting is a fun and thrifty way to make cool projects using colourful wool – and you can get started with only a handful of common craft supplies you’ve probably already got at home! Check out Momtaz Begum-Hossain’s step-by-step tutorial below and create your own DIY loom, then master the technique yourself to create bracelets, brooches, coasters and more!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

French knitting tutorial step

Measure your tube and mark off where 7 inches is. Cut off the rest so you end up with a tube that measures 7 inches across.

Step 2:

French knitting tutorial step

Next, decorate it. You can either paint the tube to make it more colourful, or stick washi tape along the surface. Stick your lolly sticks inside the tube so they are all facing opposite each other; you can use glue or tape. Then stick a small button on the outside end of each stick; this will stop your knitting from falling off your loom.

Step 3:

French knitting tutorial step

Take your yarn and drop the end through your tube, leaving a tail at the bottom that measures a few inches, hanging loose.

Step 4:

French knitting tutorial step

Next, you need to cast on your stitches. Take the top end of your yarn that is attached to your ball of wool and wind it once around one of your lolly sticks. Move to the next stick and do the same, then do this again for the 3rd and 4th sticks.

Step 5:

French knitting tutorial step

When you get back to that first stick, place your yarn above the line of yarn that is already wound around the stick. Take your wooden skewer and lift that bottom yarn over the top one then tug gently on the tail that is sticking out at the end.

Step 6:

French knitting tutorial step

Now you need to keep going around and doing the same thing on every stick– this is your knitting technique. Once you’ve done this a few times, you’ll see the knitting start to gather inside the top of your cardboard roll while at the bottom, a line of knitting will come out.

French knitting tutorial step

You can change colour at any time by tying a new yarn onto the end, and cutting off the yarn you’re using.

Step 7:

French knitting tutorial step

Once you’ve reached the length you’d like to make, cut off your yarn ball, leaving a few inches. Thread this end onto your needle. Go up through one of the stitches on a stick, lift it up and then bring your needle back through it – this is the casting off. Do the same on all four sticks, pulling gently to tighten it each time. Your knitting will now be off your loom and ready to use.

Completed project off the loom

Five Things You Can Do With Your French Knitting:

  • Turn it into bracelets
  • Make a piece that’s long enough to become a necklace
  • Make a brooch – do this by winding your knitting up, gluing the end, stitching a brooch back on and sticking a button, badge, or other object in the centre
  • Make a coaster by winding a large piece together and gluing the end
  • Cover a jar with your knitting by winding it around and gluing it on to make a decorative pen pot!

Selection of finished projects

What will you create with your new-found French knitting skills? Let us know in the comments! And if you’d like even more creative home craft ideas to keep you busy, dive into the rest of our projects and tutorials right here.

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