Nail Polish Seashells

Nail Polish Dipped Marbled Seashells make for wonderful giftsNail Polish SeashellsNail Polish Seashells

What you need

● Medium bowl of lukewarm water
● Seashells in all shapes and sizes
● Tweezers (I used a large plastic pair from the Dollar Tree, but any
tweezers could be used, or even a pair of tongs)
● 6-8 cotton swab sticks
● 4-6 toothpicks
● Paper towels
● Scrap piece of foam board, or plate covered in wax paper
● Nail polish in varying colors


1. Make sure you are working in a very well ventilated area. The nail polish
has a very strong scent, so it’s best to do this project outside, or with the
windows open.

2. Start by filling a medium bowl with lukewarm water. If the water is too
cold, the nail polish won’t spread easily.

3. Open the lid to each nail polish you will be using. The nail polish dries on
the surface of the water very quickly, so it’s important to work as fast as
possible, and having the nail polish open helps speed up the process.

4. Starting with your first bottle of nail polish, hold the brush as close to
the water as possible, and shake gently until the nail polish drips on the
surface. If you drop the polish from too far above, it will sink to the
bottom. Add additional colors to the water, and then using a toothpick,
lightly swirl the colors together.

5. Remember the nail polish will dry rather quickly, so as soon as you finish
swirling, hold the seashell with tweezers, dip into the water, then
remove and place on the foam board to dry.

6. I was able to dip 1-2 seashells at a time before the nail polish dried on the
surface of the water. Once you have dipped the seashells, use a toothpick
or cotton swab stick to swirl the remaining nail polish off the surface,
and discard on a paper towel.

7. Repeat the process of dripping nail polish on the surface of the water,
and dipping each seashell. You will also have to repeat the process of
cleaning the excess off the surface with a toothpick or cotton swab stick.

8. Once all seashells have been dipped in the nail polish, leave them on the
foam board until they are completely dry. Once dry, they are ready to be
enjoyed as decoration.