Creative Goal Setting Inspiration With The Filofax Leather Folio

Bullet Journaling Article TitleBullet Journaling Article Title

Bullet journaling has never been as valuable as it is right now, as we find ourselves  in such unprecedented times. While many of us are stuck at home, it is easy to feel a little bleak about the time laid out before us… but there is a great way to shift that mindset. Begin to journal, and you’ll start to see that time as an opportunity! And what better way to make the most of that opportunity… than to turn it into a craft opportunity? Carla Bagshaw, our bullet journaling pro, takes you through how to tackle creative goal setting in your bullet journal, using the gorgeous Filofax Leather Folio. Check out her inspirational tips below, and discover how to make the most of the extra time you have on your hands, this winter.

Skill level: Beginner

You Will Need:

Goal setting journal page layoutGoal setting journal page layout

Journaling is a craft in itself, but it has organisation at its heart. I always like to start my journals with a cover page. Please remember that all of the work in your goal setting journal is for you and you alone, which means you have the ultimate freedom to play and explore.

For this cover sheet, I simply used a gorgeous Carnation Crafts stamp (and then continued to use them so that a theme runs through my pages). I used Stabilo pens and highlighters for the lettering, and to colour the flowers I used Stabilo colour pencils.

Top Tip: When using pencil crayons, you can use blending fluid (or baby oil and a Q Tip) in tiny amounts to give a wonderfully soft and flawless feel to your work.

Using a goal setting journal gives you a fantastic opportunity to really try out new and wonderful techniques, and you can log your results in the journal for later craft projects.

Goal setting journal page layoutGoal setting journal page layout

I don’t know about you, but every time I see a new craft, I always want to try it. With limited time and resources, I always think ‘one day’, and eventually forget about it. The thing is, there is probably an untried craft out there that you absolutely love, and would excel at. So now is a great time to log down those crafts that you would like to either try – or research – during lockdown (YouTube will probably have a tutorial on whatever it is!)

In this instance, I wanted to break up the crafts into categories, such as Paper Crafts, Wood Crafts etc. so I could easily reference the lists when needed. To do the same, simply draw out boxes to separate your categories, add simple banners to the top of each box so that you can add some colour, then add an extra edging line for a drop shadow effect. I also added some doodles around the edge while I was thinking of all the lovely crafts I wanted to add to the list… both simple and effective!

Goal setting journal page layoutGoal setting journal page layout

OK, so you have done your research, and found a few crafts that you really want to have a go at. Now is a fabulous time to jot down the basic tools needed, so that when you get the chance, you will have everything ready. Building up gorgeous journal pages is not hard work. I used a Carnation Crafts border stamp, keeping it in place with a stamping platform so I could produce what appears to be a full double spread stamp. I used colour pencils to highlight areas of the stamp; added a strip of washi tape in a complementary colour to frame the page, and then started the list. This process is gloriously meditative, and both practical and creative.

Goal setting journal page layoutGoal setting journal page layout

Goal setting is a wonderful way to keep your mind focused. Remember, this does not mean you have to actually do the crafts; it means that every day you might spend ten minutes watching tutorials on a different craft. This is an ideal way to decide whether you would like to explore it further.

Washi tapes are the easiest way to decorate your pages, and there are literally millions of patterns available to suit every taste. I am a big fan of florals, so for this layout I chose two floral washis, and layered them to create a border for my pages. Again, put your stamps to use, your embossing powders and stencils. Think of all the possibilities. We all know that colouring in is an excellent mental health tool, but you do not need a colouring book. Colour your lists in blocks, so you just need to colour in rectangles. This is your time to tune out and relax, you’re not looking for perfection… think of it as the equivalent of a face mask for your mind!

30 days 30 cards journal page layout30 days 30 cards journal page layout

For lockdown #2 I wanted a challenge. I am relatively new to cardmaking, and have a long way to go on my journey, but I know this is a fabulous chance to improve. I set myself the challenge to create 30 cards in 30 days. To get this into my journal, I have added the numbers 1-30. Every time I make a card, I colour in a block. You can also write notes on your cardmaking, with instructions as your own reference guide (‘how to make an easel card’ etc.) and keep your cards in a box so you can always look back on them, or gift them.

Make your goal setting journal pages in a way that is personal to you. Nobody else need ever see them. Journaling is expression and passion; it is not about perfection. Clear your mind with colour and creativity.

Lockdown can seem hard and never-ending, but we can make it an important and creative journey. This time can be used for all of the craft education we wanted, but never before had time for. What crafts would you love to explore more?

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