Christmas Play Dough mats

Looking for a cute and easy activity? Grab the FREE printables for these Christmas Play Dough mats! Kids will love creating with these and MAYBE give you a few minutes alone to wrap some presents! 

When I made THIS fun snowman gift idea– I purchased a bunch of other colors of playdoh in case I wanted or needed them! So I’ve had 9 extra containers of dough just laying around! I thought I would be really fun to gift them this Christmas and wanted to include a cute Christmas Play Dough mats with them! So I designed some up!

I drew these on my ipad procreate app where I design the majority of my free cut files and printables!

There are 10 free printables on 5 pages. I laminated mine so they can reuse them over and over again but that part is optional!

I always get asked about printers- THIS is the one I use and love! And THIS Is the laminator I use (and love too!)

There are lots of homemade dough (and slime) recipes you can use as well!


Here are the printables- They are totally for free but I would love for you to pin an image to help others find this post!


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