Easy neighbor gift with free printables

If you are looking for an easy neighbor gift- look no further! I have the perfect idea and it comes with a free printable! 

This year I was looking for a non-treat neighbor gift. I was walking around Walmart and stopped to sniff some candles and thought they would make a perfect present! Lots of yummy smells and who doesn’t love a good candle! I sat down and created a printable that you can slap on your candle and bing bang boom! DONE!

Bonus points because this printable can really be used on anything! Merry and Bright is a pretty generic Christmas statement- so it can be slapped on any easy neighbor gift!

I have 4 different options for printables. Round, square, colorful and red and green! Take your pick on the ones you want!

Grab the free printables for an Easy neighbor gift down below: 

I would love for you to pin an image from this post so other people can help find this printable!

and if you are looking for other easy neighbor gifts for Christmas- I have a whole post with awesome ideas!




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