Just add a tag neighbor gift

Christmas can be stressful- especially when trying to figure out what gifts to give! Well Today, I’m going to hopefully make your life easier! Over 40 Just add a tag neighbor gifts- all with free printables! 

I’m trying to lighten your Christmas to do list- by rounding up over 40 fun free gift tags and printables! All you have to do is gather up the item (socks, cookie dough, blanket etc) and add the printable! It (hopefully) doesn’t get easier than that! And most of these ideas would make great teacher gifts as well!


Add in a Starbucks card or a local soda shop gift card!

You bake life better! Any fun baking supplies would be darling!


Perfect for New years present!

Pjs, blankets, movies, treats- All the cozy things!

This tag would look so cute tied to a nutcracker as well (they have some at the dollar store!)

Christmas is stressful- so just buy some store bought treats- and slap on this printable!

This is awesome- Put it on a jar of salsa- or jam or fill with muddy buddies! Anything that goes in a jar!

Nailpolish and socks- A perfect gift for the women or teen in your life!

Homemade bread- or a store bought loaf- It’s a nice change from all the sweet goodies we get!

Any I tunes gift card or a fun Christmas CD makes a totally cute gift!

This is great if you are cutting it to close to Christmas!

A 2 liter pop and a printable- instant gifts for all your neighbors!

Add these printables to any store bought treat!

Love these printables that can be adapted! You could put these on any reindeer sign or shirt!

Make a blanket- or buy one and slap on a printable!

We got one of these last year- and I LOVED it! The fun of decorating cookies without the mess of making cookies!

If you want to give eos–look no further!

This one is perfect for the cooks in you life! All the cute kitchen accessories!


Add in a fun movie or gift card to buy a movie and then all the toppings for a popcorn bar!

Okay this is brilliant! I never think about Christmas morning breakfast until Christmas morning!

All the makings for a fun cocoa night! Lots of stir ins and flavorings!


Cookies! Enough said right?

Lots of fun odds and ends that everyone needs during Christmas time!

This popcorn gift is so cute! We also have a specialty shop with flavored popcorn you could tie this too!

Tie these free Christmas printables onto a box of milk duds or whoppers!

I would love to check dinner off my list! Just add a gift card to a yummy restaurant.


Wrap this printable around any box candy for the CUTEST gift idea! And those box candies are about $1 a piece!

An easy gift idea! You could dress it up with sprinkles and cookie cutters- or just tie on a package of cookie dough and call it good!

Kids will LOVE this gift idea! You could also just give the ingredients to make your own slime!

So many soap printables- Really something for everyone/anyone! Any neighbor would love these!

You can add this to any fun sweet treat!  But a box of doughnuts- would be so yummy!

Throw these on any favorite candy bar or a giant bag of chocolates from costco!

Pair this free printable with any berry treat or berry flavored lotion!

Who wouldn’t want extra wrapping paper and tape? Free printable makes is so easy!

Doesn’t get easier than buying a tube of cinnamon rolls! And they can cook these after the holiday is over!

My kids handed these out to teachers one year- You could also put them on the peppermint tic tacs!

What a darling gift idea- cute tag for a soap bottle from Bath and Body works too!

These are so darling AND  you can add them on anything you want!


There you go- Just add a tag for all these fun neighbor gifts! (or teachers!)


I have more fun neighbor gifts for you to check out here!

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