5 Crafty Ideas For Baby’s First Christmas

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This year has been a year like no other, and one of the groups it has hit hardest is mums with brand new 2020 babies. Though it has been tough, this festive season feels like the perfect time to celebrate getting through it all, and a wonderful way to do this is through some beautiful crafting projects to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas.

If you’re new to crafting and not sure where to begin, we’ve put together five easy project ideas for you to have a go at for yourself…

1.Personalised Hanging Bauble

Baby's first Christmas idea 1Baby's first Christmas idea 1

Is there anything more synonymous with Christmas than the humble bauble? Creating your own personalised bauble to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas couldn’t be simpler, and the results can be stunning. Starting off with a plain glass bauble, you can get creative by placing anything you fancy from this festive Creative Box inside. The joy of these baubles is that not only can you personalise them in any way you like, you can also colour match them to your other tree decorations too.

For added personalisation, why not include a photograph of your little one or a special keepsake such as their hospital wristbands? To up your creative input you can write their name and year on a wooden Christmas token to put inside, or even try some pyrography and burn your own design on for a more rustic look.

2.Painted plates for Christmas Eve

Baby's first Christmas idea 2Baby's first Christmas idea 2

A beautiful Christmas Eve tradition for many is to leave out a little treat for Father Christmas when he comes to deliver his presents. For most it’s a mince pie, a carrot for Rudolph and a glass of milk (or maybe something stronger if you feel he deserves it!) as a little Thank you.

A lovely keepsake for years to come is a personalised plate for your little one to house these treats on ready for Father Christmas. All you need is a plain white porcelain plate, some glass and porcelain paints and some paint brushes. There are so many fabulous ways you could decorate your plate, but we love the idea of getting your little one involved too by tracing their tiny feet and transferring an image of them onto the plate which you can then colour in with your porcelain paint. Add in their name and the year and this will certainly be something you treasure forever.

3.Milestone Chalkboard

Baby's first Christmas idea 3Baby's first Christmas idea 3

Another beautiful way to celebrate your little one’s first Christmas is by creating your own milestone chalkboard. Milestone photographs are all the rage now (just take a scroll through your Instagram feed if you don’t believe us) and by making a personalised festive chalkboard your baby’s first Christmas will be something you’ll want to share with everyone.

All you need is a large piece of black card or art board and a set of coloured markers. You can either hand-letter your text onto the board or, if you feel you need a helping hand, you could also try some letter stencils. You can create anything you like with the board but we would suggest including their name, the year, and some facts about them at the moment (eg. their favourite toy, how many teeth they have, how much they weigh and how tall they are).

For an added festive feel, why not draw on some additional Christmas motifs such as holly, a wreath or some mistletoe?

4. Pebble Art (First Family Christmas)

Baby's first Christmas idea 4Baby's first Christmas idea 4

If you’re looking for a Christmas crafting project which takes minimal time and effort but creates maximum festive impact, why not try out some pebble art?

All you need to do is collect some pebbles, from your garden or maybe on a local walk, then arrange them in a way to represent your family (don’t forget any family pets too!) Once you have them arranged, simply glue them onto a piece of card and then frame your beautiful creation on a box frame. You can even hand-letter underneath each one to make it clear who each set of pebbles represents and, for added Christmas cheer, why not draw on a Santa hat or sprig of holly?

5.Personalised Santa Sack

Baby's first Christmas idea 5Baby's first Christmas idea 5

With this being baby’s first Christmas, you’re bound to have a multitude of gifts you need to stash away for the big day, and that’s where a Santa Sack comes into play.

If you’re looking for personalisation without having to get crafty yourself- why not consider a beautiful “My First Christmas” sack for all your little one’s goodies, complete with their own name printed on the top. Personalisation couldn’t be simpler- all you need to do is include their name with your order and we’ll do the rest!

At Create and Craft, we think that after this crazy year, an extra special celebration of your baby’s first Christmas is just what is needed to bring smiles to all the family’s faces!


If you need more Christmas craft ideas, don’t forget to take a look at the rest of our projects and tutorials right here. Which festive ideas will you be trying?

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