Help deliver some joy to young cancer patients

We recently received a lovely email asking if our crafting community would like to make some handmade cards for Cancer Kids First. Getting a card for Christmas, especially during a challenging time, can mean so much. So we took a look at our Christmas cards and made two of our designs free. This way anyone who wants to participate can! 


Simply follow the instructions below and reach out if you have any questions.


DIY Holiday Cards

Ready to send some handmade cards for Cancer Kids First? Be sure to read the list of rules below before crafting your cards.

Card-Making & Sending Rules

  • Do not include your last name on the card. First names only, please! 
  • Do not add any glitter or buttons to your cards or envelopes.
  • Inspirational messages are encouraged, but please avoid certain messages like “get better soon” or “hope you feel well” as some of these patients have lifelong medical conditions. 
  • In the “from” area on your envelope, write Cancer Kids First instead of your name.


Once you have crafted your cards, you can send them to this address (remember to write Cancer Kids First in the sender/from area on your envelope): 


Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital 

500 6th Street South

St. Petersburg, Florida 33701


Want to know more about Cancer Kids First?

Cancer Kids First is a student-run nonprofit organization that works towards providing kids at cancer hospitals with a chance at a normal childhood. From our members to our volunteers, we are devoted to this mission and strive to help as many patients as we can. 

Our goal is to help cancer patients experience a better childhood by normalizing the hospital environment through toy and book donations, helping them make new friends through mini-projects we have, and hosting hospital game days to bring some joy into their lives. We hope these programs improve their hospital experience and encourage them to keep fighting. 


Kid's Holiday Craft