scratch off Gift tags and advent

Today I’m playing around with Silhouette’s Scratch off Sticker paper! Come join me and make some amazingly cool scratch off gift tags and advent gift countdown! It’s going to be so FUN! 


I have never used the silhouette scratch off – UNTIL TODAY! I made two fun projects-The scratch off gift advent countdown and the darling personalized gift tags! And now I am addicted and wanted to make my whole life. scratch off- to do list- scratch off to see what your chores are. Grocery list- scratch off and go shopping! It’s just so darn cool! I hope you get the scratch off bug too when I’m doing showing you how easy it is!



First- you have to grab some of these amazing scratch-off sticker paper from Silhouette! The One I used is the printable- but they are is also gold and silver versions.

This is actually part of a sticker bundle for Silhouette black Friday’s deal! So grab it fast! go here and use code GLUEGUN:

(If you need a cameo 4- the bundle is AMAZING! It comes with a mint!)


This scratch off sticker paper needs to be used with the amazing print and cut feature that silhouette has! I have a youtube video that will show you how step by step!

But I will walk you through it!

How to use print and cut with the silhouette cameo!

Once you upload the printables (down below) Size it to letter and make sure print and cut is selected. It will pop up the black marks and the gray shaded area. Send it to printer from the silhouette studio software.

I use THIS printer and I love it. Make sure to check that you are printing on the right side of the paper.



You need the black marks and lines so your silhouette can read it and figure out where to cut.

You will want to make sure that the outlines are highlighted when sending to printer. Also make sure that you have selected the scratch-off sticker sheet. I had a hard time getting the outline to register around the light pinks- I had to trace around the them and increase the high pass filter and then traced outer edge.

When you cut it out- the silhouette goes around and “reads” the marks and then cuts out. It’s seriously so cool!

For this advent- I added 12 hints to guess what is in the present. I just wrote out the words to fit in the squares. Pulled off the printable and sent to the printer. Then clicked undo to make the box go back and exactly and then cut it out again. (it just cuts out the outside.) Then I placed them on the wrapped present! I put these on printable vinyl so I could just peel and stick- but the gift tags- are on cardstock!

Then I added the scratch-off paper. You can place this over hand written words, photos, etc. Just peel if off and stick it in place!



Seriously- I can’t believe I haven’t used the scratch-off paper before! It’s so much fun!

Once it’s all done- you have a totally cute present!

Then each day, you take a penny and give it a little scratch!

Just a way to add a little extra fun to the holidays!

How to make personalized scratch off gift tags

I think the personalized gift tags are my FAVORITE though! My kids always want to sneak a peek at their presents- THIS way- they won’t know who’s presents are whos until Christmas morning when they get to scratch off and find out!

Same technique as above

I just printed out lots of photos.



and then placed the scratch-off ornaments on top.

You could use the print and cut feature to cut out the photos but since that the ornament was a simple shape I just cut out around them with some scissors.

Just tie them on your gift!

When it’s Christmas–give it a little scratch and reveal who the gift is for!


I have the ornament printables down below! Even if you don’t want to use it with the scratch-off sticker paper, You can print them out of regular cardstock and have some darling ornament gift tags! (still use the print and cut feature to make your life easier!)




You could use these to pick out who names for a Christmas gift exchange.


Gather names or pictures and cover them with the scratch off. Everyone can choose one at random and scratch off who they have the gift exchange!

Lots of fun things you can do with the silhouette scratch off sticker paper!



Here are the printables- I designed a few- You can use the cute Christmas lights to count down the days- and I included blank ornaments so you can customize them if you want!




I would love for you to pin an image from this post so people can find this post!

And here is the printable:


I do have another free advent printable that will still work with the print and cut feature: Grab it here


I also have another fun advent idea- Cut out vinyl with your silhouette and add it to an over the door shoe hanger!  Check out the how to here! 


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