Peppermint Candy Christmas Platter

This Christmas craft project shows you how to make a festive Christmas platter or Santa plate out of Peppermint candies.Peppermint Candy Christmas PlatterPeppermint Candy Christmas Platter

What you need

1 bag of Brach’s Star Brites peppermint candy

or similar
cookie sheet, spring-form pan, or tart pan
parchment paper or baking paper


These amazing Christmas project images were contributed by Samantha Travois , thanks for sharing your creation Samantha.

Heat an oven to 350 degrees.

Line your pan with parchment paper or line a cookie sheet. For a round tray, use a springform pan or round tin. For best results make sure you cookie tray or pan has edges, otherwise the candy thins out too small and becomes brittle.

 Arrange the unwrapped hard candy mints on top of the parchment paper, allow extra room on the sides as the mints will melt and spread thinner filling up the gaps on the tray. Candies should be touching each other with spacing only at edges.