Black Friday deals!

Okay guys! The moment you have all been waiting for! Black Friday silhouette deals (on WEDNESDAY!) I get to show them to you a day early! If you want any of these deals- go HERE: and use the code GLUEGUN to get it the discount!


On top of all the deals I’m about to show you…You also get (you still need code gluegun)

  • 50% off all Consumables (Except Download Cards and Gift Cards
  • 50% off all Software
  • $5 shipping on all orders!

Let’s go over the deals! Each Cutter bundle includes the designer software-I want to shout out how much I love the designer software- I get asked all the time if it’s worth it! IT’S WORTH IT! Especially when it’s part of an awesome bundle! (it’s $50 regularlly! The main thing I love about it is that you can import your artwork in svg format and there are more design tools and software features!

Cameo 4 White Bundle: $299.99

This is the Cameo 4 I use on the regular! ( You can grab just the cameo and the 200 exclusive winter designs for  $279.99.)

BUT spend the extra $20 and get A MINT!!! (it’s a stamp maker and it’s AWESOME!)

  • White Cameo 4 
  • $25 Download Card to the Design Store (Digital)
  • 100 exclusive Winter Themed Silhouette Designs (Digital)
  • 100 exclusive Winter Themed Lori Whitlock Designs (Digital)
  • Designer Edition
  • • Silhouette Mint

Cameo 4 Black Bundle: $299.99

Same deal as the white bundle but in black! (you can also get the black without the bundle for $20 cheaper)

  • BLACK Cameo 4 
  • $25 Download Card to the Design Store (Digital)
  • 100 exclusive Winter Themed Silhouette Designs (Digital)
  • 100 exclusive Winter Themed Lori Whitlock Designs (Digital)
  • Designer Edition 
  • Silhouette Mint 

Portrait 3 Bundle: $199.99 

The portrait is a mighty machine! It’s smaller and cheaper. So if cost is concern- or space on your desk is a concern – this is a great machine. The size is perfect for regular sized paper. If you want to cut out stickers from printable vinyl- or paper crafting- this is one is perfect! If you are wanting to do vinyl- I would go with the cameo 4)

Portrait 3 Bundle: $199.99 

  • Portrait 3 
  • Designer Edition 
  • $25 download card to the Design Store (Digital)
  • 100 exclusive winter themed Silhouette Designs (Digital)
  • 100 exclusive winter themed Lori Whitlock designs (Digital)


Those are the vinyl cutter bundles- Let’s move on to all the fun other things you NEED!

Mint Christmas Bundle: $79.99

If you aren’t looking for a new Cutter- May I interest you in a mint?

I have a tutorial on how to use it! 

A mint makes stamps. Think address stamp for envelopes. Etsy shop logos. This book belongs to. Teacher stamps etc! This one comes with (I think–EVERY COLOR) and stamps! Everything you need to jump in right away! This is an independent machine. So if you have a cricut or no cutter at all- you can still rock this machine!

  • Ash Blue Mint Ink 
  • Ash Pink Mint Ink 
  • Brown Mint Ink 
  • Green Mint Ink 
  • Gray Mint Ink 
  • Lavender Mint Ink 
  • Magenta Mint Ink 
  • Navy Mint Ink 
  • Orchid Mint Ink 
  • Orange Mint Ink 
  • Pink Mint Ink 
  • Purple Mint Ink 
  • Walnut Mink Ink 
  • Stamp Kit (15mm X 15mm) 
  • Stamp Kit (15mm X 30 mm) 
  • Stamp Kit (30mm X 60 mm) 
  • Stamp Kit (45mm X 45mm) 
  • Stamp Kit (45mm X 90mm) 
  • Mint machine


Alta Plus Bundle: $199.99

This is the newest buddy to join my craft room and I AM LOVING IT! It’s super easy to set up- I literally set it up and made earrings all within a few hours of opening! I have a couple videos and some AMAZINGLY cute tutorials coming your way- so if you want to craft along with me- snag one!

  • Alta Plus 
  • Yellow Filament 
  • $25 Download Card to the Design Store 


Specialty Media Bundle: $24.99

This is such a fun bundle! It’s a great way to dip your toe in all the amazing things that the silhouette can do! And remember-these actually work on a cricut if you have one of those! (can’t believe I just said the c word again!!) For $25 dollars- you might want to grab two- and one for your crafty friend!

  • Silver Glitter Sticker Sheets 
  • Scratch-off Sticker Printable Sheets 
  • Magnet Paper Printable 
  • Sticker Sampler Pack
  • Copper Foil Transfer Sheets


Tattoo Bundle: $19.99

I have quite a few blogposts where I use tattoo paper! My most popular is using tattoo paper on wood slices to transfer photos! So grab this cool bundle and add to your crafting stash!

  • Gold Tattoo Paper 
  • Silver Tattoo Paper 
  • Temporary Tattoo Paper


Remember! code gluegun gets you all the discounts!



This isn’t part of the Silhouette black Friday deal–seeing how it’s a cricut. BUT I really like my cricut easypress! If you are looking to get all set up and ready to craft – I recommend this one- the 12 by 10 is perfect for shirts! It’s on sale from Amazon.



Remember- if you want any of these bundles- you can go here – and the code GLUEGUN will get those prices to drop!

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