Snowman kit with free printables

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Fiskars.

Need a quick activity? Grab some Fiskars supplies and create this super easy and adorable snowman kit with free printables! 

This is such a cute little kit! Its perfect for an adorable gift or just to help breakup the boredom of those cold winter days! I’m going to show you how to create this from start to finish using some amazing Fiskar tools!  Fiskars are crafting tools that you NEED to make all the holiday crafts this year!

Supplies I used to create a Snowman Kit


  • SureCut 12” Deluxe Paper Trimmer from Fiskars
  • Clear bag to put the kit in.
  • 3”X18” Acrylic Ruler from Fiskars
  • Craft foam in black, orange, brown, and red
  • Easy Change Detail Craft Knife + Blade from Fiskars
  • White dough (or slime)
  •  18” X 24” Folding Cutting Mat  from Fiskars
  • Printables (down below)
  • Premier 8” Fashion Sparkle Scissors from Fiskars– These come in 3 fun colors!


Using gorgeous glitter scissors from Fiskars- cut out the snowman pieces out of craft foam sheets.

The nice sharp scissors cut these out with ease! Out of black I cut 2 eyes, 5 mouth pieces, and 3 button pieces.

Out of the red foam I cut a long strip for the scarf.  Using the ruler and the craft knife, I just slice down to make a perfect cut.


Cut out orange carrot shaped nose and some brown sticks for hands. You can add in a hat, a couple different colors of scarf colors etc!

How to trim down the free printables

This Fiskars paper trimmer is my absolute favorite! It makes cutting out printables so easy and precise!

My favorite part is the wire that literally shows you where you are cutting. It makes lining up the printables exactly where they need to go! Seriously genius!

Assemble the Snowman kit

I added all the foam pieces and the dough in clear bag and folded over the top and added one of my printables. (I cut out another fun hat from foam and glued it to my printable!) It is seriously the cutest little gift idea! It’s a perfect little activity to do on a chilly winter day when you are stuck inside!


Here is the snowman my daughter made! Isn’t’ it darling?

I do have a couple printables options! I loved them both so I had to include them.


Go stock up on some amazing Fiskars supplies and Grab the Free printable down below to create all the awesome crafts!

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