Smart Cafe Lights

We are OBSESSED with smart devices – there’s nothing more awesome than saying a command out loud and having it happen, right?! My newest favorite thing is to say “turn on the deck lights”, and voila, they turn on. Everyone needs Smart Cafe Lights in their life 😉

This is a sponsored post by Enbrighten, but all opinions are my own!

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As you know, we’ve been pulling together our backyard space and recently added an extension to our upper deck. Which then created the perfect nook below. We splurged on furniture and then to complete the space we added Enbrighten WiFi Outdoor Smart Plugs and Cafe lights. We had one strand of lights (remember the reading nook?!) and added a second strand. They are SO good whether indoor or outdoor.

Here’s a refresher on the Reading Nook idea:

Drop lights in a reading nook idea

Enbrighten Smart Plugs for Cafe Lights

But the really great thing is the new Enbrighten Wi-Fi Smart Plugs! There is an indoor and outdoor option, so grab whichever you need depending on the space you are working on (You’ll want both- ha). Then you simply plug your lights into the Smart Switch and it will connect with your Alexa or Google Home – seriously, how cool is that?

Smart cafe lights 100

It is genius! It makes it so easy! And the best part – when someone has forgotten to turn off the lights (which happens all. the. time), we can even say “turn off the deck lights” from inside and voila, done!

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Installing Cafe Lights

I liked the look of the lights “swag”, so we didn’t hook up every single light. Where we wanted to hook them, we simply used cup hooks – the lights have a hanging loop on them that will slide right onto a cup hook.

Img 5848

Indoor Wifi Smar Plugs

And did you know that there are also Enbrighten Wi-Fi Smart Plugs for indoor use?  For example, we’re using the plug for a fan to turn on at night.  “Alexa, turn on my fan”.  You can also set it to where the fan turns on whenever the Alexa night alarm is set. How cool is that?!And look – did you know that you can actually plug a couple of things into the Smart Plug. So nice!

Wifi plug 1

To learn more about the Enbrighten Wifi Indoor and Outdoor Smart plugs visit their website HERE or be sure to check them out next time you visit Lowe’s.

Where would you install Enbrighten Smart plugs and Cafe Lights?