How to Celebrate Thanksgiving this Year

Gobble, gobble, gobble! COVID-19 may have crossed off a lot of our events on our calendar, but Thanksgiving isn’t canceled. Here are some tips and tricks on how to have a safe and socially-distanced Thanksgiving gathering!


Send a Smile 

Deliver a smile to the doorstep of a loved one. A handmade card is a perfect (and socially-distanced) way to express your gratitude and appreciation for a family member or friend. Our Thankful and Grateful Thanksgiving Card Bundle delivers this message perfectly! 


Safe & Small Gathering

This Thanksgiving spread gratitude–not germs! If you’re planning an in-person small and safe gathering, make sure to seat guests six-feet apart. Just because the plates are socially distanced doesn’t mean they can’t be festive. Create cute turkey placement cards using the I am Thankful For Turkey Kit. Have each person at the table write down all that he or she is thankful for on the feathers of these paper turkeys. This interactive activity is the perfect way to celebrate the reason for the season! 

If you choose to host a small gathering, make sure you are equipped with the necessary tools to create a safe, COVID-free environment for both you and your guests. To avoid high-touch surfaces, we recommend the use of disposable silverware, napkins, and plates. But who says disposable can’t be fancy? Our Gold Glitter Flatware adds a touch of elegance to any plate setting. In addition, swap your reusable tea towels for our paper Welcome Guests Gold Guest Towels. This will prevent the spread of bacteria that come with guests from drying their hands with the same towel. And you can’t forget the hand sanitizer! Place our Barr Co. Hand Sanitizer around your home as a friendly reminder to guests to sanitize their hands throughout the night. 



Enjoy a Virtual Slice of Pie

Calling all sweet tooths! Whether you’re hosting a small and safe gathering or celebrating via webcam, indulge in a warm slice of pie with your friends and family. Prior to Thanksgiving Day, send friends and family a personalized card with your favorite pie recipe. Apple, pumpkin, pecan…I’ve got pies for them all! Invite your loved ones to bake this pie for your virtual Thanksgiving feast. Sending the recipe card ahead of time will allow your guests the opportunity to gather the ingredients and tools necessary to bake the pie. On your Zoom call, each guest will be enjoying the same slice of pie–this year, from the safety and comfort of their own home! 

Use the Pie Garland Kit to decorate your Zoom background. Serve your pie on these Assorted Small Pie Plates and Piece of Me Napkins. This engaging and delicious activity may send you into a sugar rush–but at least you’ve got a belly full of hap-pie-ness!

Decorate a Festive Zoom Background

For those hosting a virtual Thanksgiving feast, build a festive Zoom background. Build a fall-inspired backdrop by stringing our Fall Felt Leaf Garland against the wall. Bring some laughs to your digital gathering and throw on a pair of Turkey Sunglasses. Now you’ve got yourself a Thanksgiving Zoom room that will have all of your guests gobbling and wobbling!


Build a Thanksgiving Photo Wall

Make some digital memories at your Thanksgiving gathering with a festive photo wall or selfie station! Have guests create adorable photo props using our Turkey Mask Kit. This makes for a great craft activity AND costume! For the photo backdrop, string the Turkey Give Thanks Garland across a blank wall. For a touch of autumn elegance, adorn the wall with our Gold Party Rosettes. Grab a camera, a smile, and show us your best selfie!


Gratitude Cards and Journaling 

Spending Thanksgiving day alone? Use this moment of solitude to reflect on your blessings. The Life of Gratitude Journal is filled with activities, projects, and writing prompts that challenge each individual to find happiness in the present. The act of gratitude journaling encourages individuals to seek joy in all of life’s daily moments, big and small. What are YOU thankful for?