Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping IdeasEco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Project title

Project title

Tread lightly on the earth this year with these eco friendly gift wrapping ideas, and help make this Christmas less harmful to the environment, with some creative tips from Penelope Quinn. Look around your garden or park for organic items that will add a rustic touch, and avoid using any hot glue or sticky tape, instead using fine wire and folding techniques with twine to keep the wrapping paper in place, as Penelope demonstrates below!

You Will Need:

Gift 1:

Eco friendly gift wrapping idea 1Eco friendly gift wrapping idea 1

Wrap red twine around the gift twice so it forms a cross hatch pattern. Tie on a small bell and some fresh rosemary with fine wire.

Gift 2:

Eco friendly gift wrapping idea 2Eco friendly gift wrapping idea 2

Spray a small amount of spray adhesive to the corner of the gift. Wait a minute or two until tacky, then carefully fold a doily over the corner. You can use either a paper doily or a fabric one that can be reused later.

Gift 3:

Eco friendly gift wrapping idea 3Eco friendly gift wrapping idea 3

Wrap your present with white twine. Take a circle of hessian fabric about 15cm wide, and use a piece of wire to gather in the middle. Tie this onto the twine. Use another piece of wire to attach the pine cone on top.

Gift 4:

Eco friendly gift wrapping idea 4Eco friendly gift wrapping idea 4

Tie a white and red piece of twine around the gift. Make a 3d star by cutting a 5 sided star, about 20cm in height, out of kraft paper, then folding in sides, and folding out the points. Attach to the twine with a small amount of double sided tape.

Gift 5:

Eco friendly gift wrapping idea 5Eco friendly gift wrapping idea 5

Spray a small amount of spray adhesive to the corner of the gift. Wait a minute, then apply gold leaf. Wait a few minutes to dry, then dust the excess gold leaf off with a brush. Make tassels out of craft paper by starting with a 20cm by 10cm piece. Fold in half, then fringe the ends. Unfold, and then fold lengthways; the fold should measure about a centimetre. Tie a piece of string in the middle, then fold in half where you originally started – you now have a tassel! Tie red twine around each corner of the gift, threading through the tassels as you go.

At Create and Craft, we think the effort you put into wrapping your gifts can help bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces just as much as the gift itself! Which of these eco friendly gift wrapping ideas will you be trying this year?

All presents group shot

All presents group shot

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