A Christmas Story Tree

Come check out my A Christmas Story Themed tree. Easy ideas so you can create your own tree at home this Christmas! 


I had so much fun pulling off my ELF themed Christmas Tree last year, that I HAD to do another one (and I’m already planning my 2021 tree!)  I grabbed this leg lamp from Oriental trading Last year- So I thought I had better whip out a Christmas Story themed tree!

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Before I do anything- I HAVE to rewatch the movie! I always forget lots of little things that make a themed tree special! There was so many quotes and little odds and ends I wanted to add- a decoder, a box for a red Ryder rifle, and a chinese box with chop suey palace co. But at some point you have to call it so you don’t have too much on the tree! So I focused on my most favorite parts!

FRAGEELLAAYY. I think it’s Italian.

Here are the  supplies I used on my tree:

Oriental Trading also has cute tableware that Christmas Story themed if you are planning a whole big party!


The Bunny I hand painted myself- but only because I couldn’t find a costume! I honestly wanted to dress up but what’s a girl to do!

All the quotes are hand lettered by me- Just cut them out with Expressions Vinyl and added them to the blank wood slats!


I wanted the wood slats to match the fragile sign so I left them unfinished!

You can grab the cut file by clicking the link- Use code fragile to get them for 50% off!

I triple dog dare ya not to love all these fun designs!


The Tree topper is the fun plaid hat and my favorite quote!

I added glasses all around the tree- They aren’t super easy to spot but they are one of my favorite elements! I think Ralphie’s glasses are iconic to A Christmas Story!

If you love this tree- I would love for you to pin it so other people can check it out!


Now tell me- what quote do you think I need to add to this tree? I know there are lots of ones that got left out- “I can’t put my arms down” or the list of the exact Red Ryder he wants!

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