DIY Burlap Winter Wreath

This winter craft shows you how to make a burlap wrapped winter-themed wreath. DIY Burlap Winter WreathDIY Burlap Winter Wreath

What you need

Burlap Ribbon
Wreath From
Craft Glue
Evergreen Branches
Branch Sprigs


This tutorial shows you how to make a Winter themed wreath with burlap. I love how this wreath has a warm winter feel without an over the top Christmas theme to it.

You will need a wreath form like this  12 ” Wreath  

start by wrapping your wreath from in Burlap Strips or wide Burlap ribbon

. Once it is covered add a light-coloured lace over the top as shown in the picture.  Add a wide bow to the top and finish off the bottom with Evergreen sprigs and small log pieces.

This photo was contributed by Helen. H who is a member of our Facebook Christmas Crafts group.