How to make a Witch’s Broom

Grab some sticks and supplies you may already have around the house and I’m going to teach you to make a totally cool witch’s broom!

Items used to make a Witch’s Broom:

  • Sticks! we just took a walk at our local park! You don’t want fresh green ones- but ones that have broken off and on the ground
  • glue gun
  • Twine
  • Fiskar shears

How to make a witch’s broom

I’m going to be honest- This isn’t super hard to make! BUT it’s lots easier to see how to do it on the video! I’ll walk you through it too but the video is short so if you have a couple minutes, I recommend it!

Snap all the sticks so they are somewhat the same size.

I hot glued some around the stick. You will want to hot glue after each step so you don’t have little pieces falling off. After I got a good base- I tied a piece of twine around the the sticks loosely and then filled in with sticks until the twine was full. Repeat until you are happy with the look of your broom.

I ended up tying twine around to hold it all in place and give it a little more broom look. (Just hot glue to hold in place)


I wrote up how to make the broom handle from cardboard in more depth here: WITCH’S BROOM OUT OF AN AMAZON BOX

Check out my spell book for another awesome Halloween DIY!


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