Easy T-shirt Costumes

If you’re last-minute like us, you’re probably just now searching for costume ideas. We’ve often made costumes with tshirts – easy and simple and cute! Here are ideas for Easy T-shirt Costumes.

Here is an image you can pin so you can refer to it later:

Tshirt costume ideas

You can find tshirts everywhere! In store, online, in the back of your closets, at the thrift store, start gathering!

This is so cute! Just felt and oversized tshirts! Details here: https://sugarbeecrafts.com/no-sew-lemon-lime-costume

And you can definitely expand to make other fruits too!

Group costume 4

This is way fun and perfect for a group costume as well!

Group costume 2

There are so many super hero tshirts out there (we even found some at the thrift store) – add some face paint, and voila, instant costume!

Img 20161029 203947 1024x1024 1

You could go super trendy with a Hydroflask Costume.

Hydroflask costume idea tshirt 3

You can even wear a plain t-shirt and then add costume embellishments, for example a pineapple topper for an easy pineapple costume.

Make your own pineapple costume with things on hand

Those are just a few ideas – I’d love to hear what you come up with for your Easy T-shirt Costumes!