Hot Chocolate Christmas Tree Ornaments

This Christmas tutorial shows you how to make a mini hot chocolate Christmas tree ornament using basic craft suppliesHot Chocolate Christmas Tree OrnamentsHot Chocolate Christmas Tree Ornaments

What you need




Bakers twine

Cricut to create

letters or



This craft was contributed by Debby M. M , thanks for sharing Debby we love this craft and your tutorial.

I cut a piece of foam to put in the cup so I didn’t waste spackle.

I used lightweight spackle either spread with a popsicle stick or piped from a bag with your choice of tip. I made a headpin with my wire to push down through the spackle and into the foam and attached bakers twine to it after it was dry.

I dusted the spackle with glitter while it was still wet. I cut dowels to go inside the straws so they had more support and pushed them through the spackle and into the foam.

The peppermints (Hobby Lobby) had a hole in the bottom so I glued wire into them and then pushed them through the spackle and into the foam.

Then I added the wording to each cup. Give it at least a day to dry. Have fun!