Knight Halloween Costume from Made Cardboard Amazon Prime Boxes

Box costume boxtume knight 35

I love this Knight Halloween Costume! This post is sponsored by Amazon Prime, post but all opinions are my own and we love Amazon Prime.

Here are some images so you can save this idea for later. You can use these techniques to make whatever version of knight that works best for you!

It’s easy to repurpose old Amazon Prime boxes into fun costume or ‘boxtume’ ! (Remember the Dice Costume from a few years back?!) Boxtumes help save money AND upcycle all those boxes, it’s a win win!

Knight Halloween Costume Supplies

Box costume boxtume knight 2

To make a costume from cardboard, you’ll need:

–Amazon boxes
–sturdy scissors or a box knife (adult superision)
–hot glue
–velcro (optional) or packing tape
–spray paint

Make a Cardboard Knight Helmet

Cut out 2 “grill” pieces and a strap piece that will fit around the head:

Box costume boxtume knight 3

Bend cardboard along the corrugation, that will make it curve correctly. Use hot glue to attach them all together. Be generous on the hot glue!

Cut to shape and tweak:

Box costume boxtume knight 7

Add strips that cross to the top to create a base structure for the dome.

Cut triangle pieces to fill the gaps – again, generous with the hot glue!

Box costume boxtume knight 14

Optional: add a feather to the top by cutting out the feather shaper and, surprise, attaching with hot glue 😉

For the finishing touch, spray paint the helmet. We used craft paint on the feather. It’s hard to believe that this started as a cardboard box!

Box costume boxtume knight 41

Make Cardboard Armor

Let’s move on to the armor! Cut 2 pieces for the breastplate and the backplate. Again, bend then with the corrugated cardboard to create a curve. Attach on one side with cardboard side straps.

Box costume boxtume knight 17

Cut strap shapes for over the shoulder and attached on one side with hot glue.. Leave one side open to be able to put on the costume.

Box costume boxtume knight 15

When wearing the costume you can attach the open pieces with packing tape or hot glue on velcro pieces.

Box costume boxtume knight 23

Went with layered armor, so you’ll need the waist belt as well – cut a piece of cardboard big enough to go all the way around.

Box costume boxtume knight 16

Add detail to the front if desired:

Box costume boxtume knight 22

Now it’s time to spraypaint! We thought that our knight in shinning armor is the Amazon Delivery Carrier, so this is our Amazon Knight and we taped off the logo.

Box costume boxtume knight 18

Then after it was painted and dried, we removed the tape for a cool “burst-through” look:

Box costume boxtume knight 19

Optional: you can also create arm and leg armor pieces by curving up cardboard and hot gluing the seam.

Box costume boxtume knight 32

You can see how smaller cardboard pieces are used inside to reinforce that seam:

Box costume boxtume knight 40

Make a Card Cardboard Sword

Every knight needs a sword – again, created out of a cardboard box. Just cut the desired shape and glue on hilt details with hot glue.

Box costume boxtume knight 20

Then paint!

Box costume boxtume knight 21

We added a little extra fun wrap to the handle:

Box costume boxtume knight 24

And the back has a fun smile surprise too 😉

Box costume boxtume knight 29

Make a Costume from Cardboard

Box costume boxtume knight 33

Make your own Boxtume at home and share it on social, tagging @amazon, #boxtumes and #morethanabox – can’t wait to see what you come up with!! And remember, Prime members can also extend their experience with Halloween-themed content on Prime Video, Prime Reading, Prime Gaming and Amazon Music.