Mummy Board- Cute Halloween Decoration

Ready to make the cutest Halloween Decoration? This Mummy board is easy and is so darn adorable! Grab your supplies and let’s create one!

This mummy board is such a cute little guy to prop up on your front porch this Halloween! A perfect decoration that isn’t too spooky!

What you need to make a Mummy Board

  • Board The one I used is 4 feet high and 10 inches wide!
  • paint
  • White fabric. AT least 2 yards. You can grab a cheap flat sheet at Walmart too!
  • Hot glue gun


How to make a mummy board

Start by taking your fabric and ripping it into strips. My strips are 2 inches and 3 inches wide. It’s mummy wrap…you don’t want it perfect. By ripping, it makes it a little frayed and curled edges, which is what you want! I also wanted it a little grungy- so I splattered it with watered down brown paint and gray paint.

The board was already stained brown (I was upycyling it from another project!) but you can leave it as is or paint it white. Then I painted eyeballs. There are lots of plastic eyeballs in stores for Halloween. So if you don’t have faith in your eyeball painting skills- you can grab some of those and glue them on. Then start wrapping and wrapping and wrapping. I hot glued some strips together so I could just continuously wrap.

Finished it off with some fake spider webs and a spider! You can see how I added some dark dirty spots with paint- this is optional! You could also spread out the fabric before you rip and soak it in coffee or tea to get it a dirty brown.

Then you just prop it up on your board or mantel and start at the cutest mummy board Halloween decoration!

Here is an image to pin if you want to save it for later!

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