Animal Print Tattoos for Easy Halloween Costume

Check out these easy animal print tattoos for the coolest Halloween Costume! Free printables for leopard, giraffe, and zebra! 


Okay guys. I’m gonna say it. I love silhouette tattoo paper! You might remember my son’s spider infestation costume (one of my all time favorites) and my spider webs for my witch costume…(I love this one so much too!) So this year I wanted to try my hand at animals! Leopard to be exact since I have purchased about 100 leopard print items to wear! And I did what I always do. “it escalated quickly” Now we have a trio of cute animals! I actually didn’t even use the tattoo paper on my zebra daughter- because I had no intention of doing it–but I felt like we need a Marty (what movie?)  I did include a giraffe, a zebra, and a leopard big and small for you to use the print and cut feature with (don’t worry- I’ll walk you through it!) Okay! let’s jump in!

Supplies you need to create the animal print tattoos.

How to use the animal patterns tattoos.

They have a white, gold, silver and clear. I’m using the clear! I actually have a whole tutorial on how to use the print and cut feature (it’s an awesome feature that Silhouette has!) Watch this video and then keep scrolling and I’ll show you how it works on tattoo paper!


How to apply animal print on the tattoo paper

You will want to make sure that paper size is selected and turn on print and cut registration marks. That will give you the lines and black square. Upload your animal print and size it in the rectangle. Be sure not to cover any part of the registration marks. If it’s grayed out- it won’t cut!

Take the tattoo paper and print on the white sheet. (It’s the smooth side) I always do a test on regular paper to make sure my sizing is right and that I’m loading my tattoo paper in correctly! You push print directly in the silhouette software.

One thing to note: Only works on inkjet printers! THIS PRINTER is my favorite!


Then you take the green sheet- It’s actually the clear top coat and it’s STICKY when you peel off the green.. You peel off the very top and attach it to the top of the sheet of printed tattoo paper. Once it’s on, you reach under and peel off the green sheet and smooth down the top as you go.

How to cut out animal prints with your silhouette cameo

Load the sheet on a mat into your silhouette. When you click send, the blade will move around and read the black box and marks around the edge. (I actually overlapped my design a little bit and it made it cut it a little bit to the side. )

After the magic happens- The prints will just easily pop out!

If you have a little patience- You could just print them out on tattoo paper and hand cut them! Totally an option! Just a little more time consuming!

Then it’s just like using temporary tattoos. When you are ready, you peel of the clear sheet and put the print on your body. Press a damp cloth against it and after 15 seconds the backing just slides off the reveal the animal print!

Giraffe animal costume

We printed out small and big. Small went up around her face and big went down her neck.

Her hair is just pony tails not pulled through all the way and then wrapped around. Bobby pins secure it.

YOU GUYS. Everyone needs to go pin this image because I want it to go viral! It’s makes me laugh so hard!

Zebra Animal Costume

Like I said earlier- this one isn’t tattoos. It was an after thought. I did this was just black liquid eyeliner. You can use the tattoos- but you would still need to go around the nose and eyes and eyebrows with the eyeliner.

Hair is pulled back and bubbled up to create a mane!

Leopard Animal Costume

Okay first. I have a lion’s mane- not a leopard mane. BUT I just bought a crimper and by golly- I reallllllly wanted to use it! It make my hair so big and I totally brought the 80’s back! (This is the crimper if you want to be cool like me!)

After the animal tattoos were on- I just added heavy eye makeup, a dark nose and some dots above my lip so it looks like whiskers! You can add some animal ears on a headband to finish off the look.

Here are the printables. Make sure to preprint and make sure the prints aren’t too big or too small before you waste your tattoo paper!


I have lots of Halloween costumes Ideas here! (and they are mostly all pretty easy because that’s how I roll!)



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