How to make a Spiderweb for your door or mantel

I had this fun idea come to mind–and even though I need a new door wreath like I need a hole in my head, I still wanted to make it! It’s a spiderweb for Halloween and it’s pretty darn easy! And with almost every craft here on the old blog-You can customize it so many ways!



  • dowels
  • round wood piece for the middle (mine was an old wood button)
  • string (kind doesn’t matter! You could even use yarn!)
  • paint
  • hot glue
  • embellishments (words or spiders or both)



I bought dowels and cut them down so it fits on my front door. Since my door is white I opted to create my spiderweb BLACK–but if you want a white one (which would look so cute on a mantel-) spray paint white and buy white string.

Take the string–hot glue it to the back and then just start wrapping!

I wrapped around each dowel – just like the picture below.

I went around and then added little dabs of hot glue to keep the string from sliding down!


Keep winding and winding. I didn’t go for a perfect web–but you could try to line it up perfectly if that is the look you are going for!

I ziptied on a spider and hung on my door!

Options for spiderweb

but I did want to add a little more! I have these fun EEK letters from the unfinished wood section from Hobby Lobby!

I painted them in some fun colors added some fun vinyl spiderwebs.


You don’t have to hang on your front door–It will look just as cute on your mantel!


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