Easy To Sew Kids Gaiter Mask

This sewing tutorial shows you how to make an easy Gaiter mask for kids sized 7-12Easy To Sew Kids Gaiter MaskEasy To Sew Kids Gaiter Mask

What you need

Sewing machine threaded with white thread
Jersey knit (exact print purchased at Hobby Lobby)
Sewing scissors
Measuring tape


1. Measuring out a piece of fabric 17×14.5”


2. Fold the 14.5” side of the fabric in half with the print sides facing each other.

3. The gaiter will fold together at 7.25×17”, the 7.25” ends will be the openings.

4. The the print sides facing eachother, pin the 17” open end together.

5. See the pinned edge together using a straight stitch, make sure to back stitch the beginning and end.

6. Trim any loose threads and slip over your head.

Kids sized (Age 7-12)