Colop e-Mark Review: ‘Why I LOVE IT!’

COLOP e-mark review titleCOLOP e-mark review title

The COLOP e-mark has changed the game when it comes to printing, as the world’s first handheld electronic and mobile (battery-powered) printing device that allows you to create and change your own imprints, and print them from the palm of your hand! Small but mighty, this incredible handheld printer puts creativity at the touch of a button. With almost unlimited designs, ready-to-use templates, and special features it enables you to create and print your own personalised messages, ‘handmade by’ tags, backing papers, personalised borders, gift wrap, cards, bullet journal layouts, labels, packaging, and so much more. But if you’re not really sure why this revolutionary little device is making waves in the crafting world, then check out the fabulous Carla Bagshaw’s personal review of the COLOP e-mark, and learn exactly why she’s fallen in love with it!

Carla Bagshaw’s  COLOP e-Mark Review:

I had tool-envy a year ago when I first saw the e-mark. It’s beautifully appealing… swipe it along some paper, and it prints! But I couldn’t justify a purchase, because I couldn’t work out how I would use it to craft. So, when I was asked to have a go with one, I absolutely jumped at the chance.

COLOP e-mark review printerCOLOP e-mark review printer

It’s really small; it fits in the palm of your hand, and it has pretty lights (yes, I am easily pleased). But those lights are really important because each colour has a different meaning. It’s how the e-mark talks to you; it communicates by light when it is ready, it tells you which number imprint (the picture/text) will be next to print. Double tap its back end and it will change colour to show you it is now on the next imprint in the queue, and it holds three imprints AND the most current imprint you have sent to it. That’s impressive… and useful, if you have a repetitive task in front of you!

How Does The Colop e-Mark Work?

It runs on an app which you can download on the App Store (iPhones and iPads) or from the Android store (note: it is specific to these two, and will not run on devices such as a Kindle) and you can also use it on Windows computers. You can download 2 apps, the E-mark app and the Create app. Simply put, the E-mark will tackle all of your business needs, the Create will tackle all of your craft needs. And both apps are free; just choose which to use and switch between the two of them!

COLOP e-mark review stationery project exampleCOLOP e-mark review stationery project example

The app interfaces are easy for the user to use and understand. The Create app is beautifully laid out and comes with a lot of in-built designs which you can use for free, and you can edit them to your heart’s content… or you can create your own from scratch. It has infinite possibilities for designs. As soon as your required image is ready, just press the E-Mark icon in the top right corner and you will hear the E-Mark beep… and that’s it! You can print away.

What Can It Print Onto?

Well, pretty much any porous surface. Paper, card, fabric, leather, vellum, napkins, tissue paper (think of all the gift wrap you can print! Be still my beating heart) and don’t forget ribbons! Yes, you can tell it to print continuously, pop it in the ribbon guide and print as much ribbon as your table can hold – so now your cards can have matching envelopes, with matching gift wrap, all tied up with matching ribbon.

COLOP e-mark review ribbon project exampleCOLOP e-mark review ribbon project example

You can print your card sentiments in two seconds, print labels for your kitchen jars, your craft room boxes (be scared, you’ll want to start organising your craft area!) and decorate your notebooks. And my all-time favourite? You can print gorgeous little pictures out on fabric as a template for mini embroidery, which has saved me so many headaches.

COLOP e-mark review embroidery project exampleCOLOP e-mark review embroidery project example

More than that, though. If you have a business with your crafts, then this is a little gem. You can print your logo onto stickers and the back of frames. If you sell cards you can make a box for 3 cards and print out a small image of all three cards that are inside the box, then add your logo and tie it with a ribbon that boasts your business name, like a little business in a box! And I haven’t even started on how useful it is for invoices and accounts;you can stamp them with PAID, DUE etc. – all using one small device!

I’m Not Technical, Will I Be Able To Use It?

If you can download an app, you can use it. Not least because if you get remotely stuck on anything then you can ring the number provided and it will be answered by a human who will talk you through everything you need to know – the customer service is crazy good. The people at COLOP are incredibly proud of what they have made, and they take every step to ensure their customers are not left worried or unable to use it.

There are so many things I could write about, but it needs to be seen to be believed. If you get the chance, then watch the e-mark shows so that you can understand the potential. Lots of questions will be answered, and you will see it literally come to life. And just to emphasise how much I really love the COLOP e-mark, I actually sought permission to write this review, so I could tell you how inspired I am by a product that the craft market never knew it needed… and will long be celebrated!

COLOP e-mark review giftwrap project exampleCOLOP e-mark review giftwrap project example

– Carla Bagshaw, Cut By Hand

Carla Bagshaw has been bringing her awesome creativity and crafting know-how to the Create and Craft blog since spring 2018 – you can check out the rest of her projects, articles and tutorials right here!

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