Free Birthday printables

Free birthday pass printables! Make that birthday festivities last all week long with these colorful fun printables!

A little story about what a birthday pass is! My husband loves his birthday. LOVES. He milks it all month long- BIRTHDAY MONTH! It’s literally the worst! lol! I’ve condensed the birthday month down for my kids – they only get birthday week! What it really means is that week is really special- I try to cook their favorites and they get out of chores- like unloading the dishwasher!

BUT- my daughter’s last birthday, she literally said “BIRTHDAY WEEK”  to EVERYTHING. When she was asked to even put away her clothes or go on an activity with us. So. We had to put a limitation on birthday week privileges. So now we have BIRTHDAY PASSES. At the beginning of birthday week- They get their passes- Then they get to basically use them as get out of jail free cards! They have to be a little more mindful of how they want to use their birthday week pass instead of just saying it on repeat for a week!

So I sat down and whipped up these colorful free birthday printables in case you want to use the same idea! I laminated them with my favorite laminater so they can be reused over and over!

Here are the free printables! I did include one that says birthday bucks instead if you want to


I do love making birthday’s specials! I actually have a whole post about 10 ways to make it extra special! 

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