Crochet Cat Toy: Free Pattern!

We’ve all had to think of clever ways to keep ourselves busy at home in 2020, and we think this latest project from Mandy Cameron packs a double punch when it comes to entertaining… as it provides fun for crafty hands, and feline paws alike! This adorable crochet cat toy is the perfect project to get stuck into if you’re looking for your next yarn project – plus when you’re finished, you can gift it your four-legged friend so they can while away an hour or two having fun, too!

Skill Level: Easy


  • adjustable slip knot = magic ring
  • ch = chain
  • ss = slip stitch
  • dc = double crochet
  • dc2tog = double crochet two stitches together
  • 2dcinc = 2 double crochet into next stitch

You Will Need:

Top Tip: As the spiral method is used (no joining with a ss or making 1ch to start round), place a stitch marker or piece of yarn at the beginning of the first round, and move it up every row.

Crochet Cat Toy Pattern:

Make an adjustable slip knot and ch2 (turning ch)

Rnd 1: 6dc into first ch

Rnd 2: 2dcinc in every stitch around (12dc) move marker to st on hook

You may need to tighten the slip knot again and, once round 4 is complete, you will be able to sew this in and secure.

Rnd 3: (1dc, 2dcinc) around (18dc)

Rnd 4: (2dc, 2dcinc) around (24dc)

Rnd 5: (3dc, 2dcinc) around (30dc)

Rnd 6-9: dc around

Rnd 10: (3dc, dc2tog) around (24dc) (dc2tog)

Rnd 11: dc around

Rnd 12: (2dc, dc2tog) around (18dc)

Rnd 13: dc around

Start to stuff body.

Rnd 14: (1dc, dc2tog) around (12dc)

Rnd 15-16: dc around

Rnd 17: (dc2tog) around (6dc)

Ss into next stitch and fasten off leaving tail of yarn for sewing. Thread tail of yarn through each of the last 6dc and pull tight to close opening. Sew in end to secure.


Work 16 chain and fasten off. Sew one end to rear of mouse and cut the other to 2.5cm (1”) of first chain and fray.


Make an adjustable slip knot and ch2 (turning ch)

Rnd 1: 6dc into first ch.

Rnd 2: 2dcinc in every stitch around (12dc)

Rnd 3-5: dc around

Fasten off.

Fold in half to create pinched look, and sew to head.


Using black yarn, sew eyes and nose to face.

Now that your crochet cat toy is complete…. can you bring yourself to hand it over to your feline friend?! If it goes down well, you could always make an assortment, ready to replace tired mice, when necessary!

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