How to make a wood round door hanger (with cut files)

Here is what you need to make the wood rounds

I will go into more detail about each item- but if you are just quickly gathering up supplies- here is the list

  • Wood rounds (18-24 inches if you want to hang them on a door)
  • Stain or paint
  • Sealant so the vinyl sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Flowers
  • Any fun
  • Craft Vinyl

Where to buy the wood rounds

There are lots of  places to snag these wood rounds- I’m going to list some of my favorites that should be close in proximity to everyone. They are all priced around the same- Depending on coupons and sales you might find them for cheaper! I personally think the 18- 24 inch is a great size for the door (keep in mind, the bigger they are, the heavier!) This one I’m holding up is 18 inches!


18 inch wood round

24 inch wood round

I have found that lowes is cheaper than home depot! They also have smaller sized 15 inches and 12 inches!

Home Depot 

2 foot wood round – I couldn’t find an 18 inch but they do have a 3 foot one!

Hobby Lobby:  The white wood sign I used in the video is from Hobby Lobby- They also have a 12 inch round there! Make sure to download the hobby lobby app so you can use the 40% off coupon if it’s not sale!

Target dollar spot– These are hit and miss- but I found some wood chargers and blanks there – it’s worth checking out if you are there!


The thick 24 inch wood rounds are more pricey on amazon- but they do have some! 

They have some slim round 12 in wood– This would actually be really cool if you decorate one and then place it on a big green wreath



Paint and stain the wood rounds

What I like about the ones I linked- they all look great with stain or paint! There are so many fun ways to add paint. Add stripes, paint half one color and leave the other half stained.

REMEMBER! If you are using stain- it’s greasy- and that makes it so hard for the vinyl to stick. You need to add a coat of polycrylic to seal it in. (polyurethane will yellow!) I also used this awesome clear matte spray paint that is so much easier and faster to apply! Worked like a charm!


This is my favorite part! Playing around with all sorts of craft supplies to make something fun



(you cane ven add soem paper flowers)

Leaves/ greenery! (I stated in the video that buying a garland and cutting it up can be way cheaper


I learned how to make a good big bow from THIS youtube video


Vinyl and cut files

I have all the cut files in one big bundle! and they are 75% off with code WOOD

Putting it all together

You also can just prop up your wood sign on your mantel or front porch too! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a door hanger!

Then you just keep making and making and making! There are so many holidays and that means each one needs a cute round wood door hanger!

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