Totally awesome brushes to use with the Procreate App

Need some fun brushes to up your cut file game!? I have a list of my my favorite brushes to use with the procreate appto make your lettering amazing! Enjoy!


If you are new to procreate- its can be totally overwhelming. THERE IS A LOT TO LEARN! and on top of that- there are a LOT OF BRUSHES! It’s a question I get asked a ton when showing some sneak peeks on Instagram (come follow me!  A girl and a glue gun!) 

So I sat down and figured out what my go to brushes are when lettering and made you a nice big list here! You can grab some of my free lettering practice sheets here. You can just upload them into your procreate app and practice with them!

First. Procreate actually comes with some brushes.

Lot of great basics! Don’t feel like you need to jump in and spend $50 on brushes! These are some fun ones I’ve accumulated over 3 years!

Second, The majority of what I do on my ipad is making cut files.

That means I need nice smooth brushes. No distress, no fade, no rough edges. Solid nice lines. That is what this is themed around. If you are using the procreate app for making cartoons or stickers and you need cool shading brushes- that’s going to be a whole other list!

and last, As you get brushes- play around with it!

Get the feel for it. Don’t even try making anything with it. Just get comfortable with it. Especially when you buy the brushes pack. There are some in the pack that I love and use often. Some are great but not used often. You can hold down a brush in the procreate app and move them and organize them. I have the ones I use all the time right at the top by each other. You could create a new folder and just add all your favorite brushes there. You can even swipe and delete a brush if you don’t like it!

Okay! Let’s start! (I do go over downloading them into your procreate at the bottom if you need help with that!)

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MONOLINE BRUSH (free with procreate)

I wanted to start with this one because I use monoline almost always. When I’m sketching. When I’m cleaning up edges, when I’m thickening words and even use monoline as my eraser. It’s free with procreate- but I have quite a few monolines – Some of the font bundles each have their own and if you are looking for another great free one- Rad and Happy has a great one you can get here! 

Round Calligraphy

This one is purchased and I can no longer find the listing (She has it unlisted!) I will update if she puts it back–but it’s very similar to the script brush that comes free with procreate.

This is a gorgeous calligraphy pen. Thin and airy for lettering!

This is a bundle that comes with lots of fun fonts! Some might not be perfect for making cut file because of the fading–but Hi lite is great for a fun little slash through your letters! I love the Gleam, Silk and Biggie brush too!

I’m actually going to be honest- I think there are so many fun brushes by cynlop! Head here to see them all! Lots of great options!

I stumbled on this little brush because of tik tok–and I’m so glad I did! It’s so much fun! It’s like monoline but more square instead of round! It’s seriously one I use all the time now that I have it! One word of caution- it has some blemishes like real brush lettering–(see the arrow) So if you are making a cut file with it- you might need to clean it up a bit!

I also love her Holly brush too!


Another fantastic bundle  of 10 brushes- Some aren’t great for Cut files, but I really like the thick and thin ones for a pretty calligraphy look!

okay! This one is the newest font in my arsenal! It’s AWESOME! It connects all the lines unless you pick up your brush (see arrow) and you can add colors in to make a fun printable!

There is also another fun shadow font that is made by the same person! Totally fun! Grab them both here!

This whole bundle is awesome! Holly is amazing at lettering and has come up with some great procreate brushes that you will have so much fun with! I also like teluride for making cut files!

Another awesome investment is this grid builder. It helps you keep your block letters all lined up nice and even and spaced apart. Click over and watch the video of it in use!


How to download brushes into your procreate app.

This is kind of tricky to do!  Depending on how the designer has it set up, there are multiple ways to  get it done. I’ve found that I either have to put them in a dropbox folder. OR I have had to download a zip folder on my ipad that will unzip the folders so I can add them into procreate. Almost everyone of these awesome designers has a pretty clear step by step on how to download them on their websites (or on etsy it comes with the download link.)

I did think this video is very helpful! I’m a visual learner!


Thanks so much for letting me talk about procreate- it’s one of my favorite things to play around with! If you need any help starting out- I have a fun playlist on youtube that goes over some fun tricks and tips!

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